Will companies actually launch products at tomorrow’s LAUNCH Festival?

LAUNCH FestivalTomorrow I will be attending Jason Calacanis’ LAUNCH Festival event to observe how the companies on stage and in the demo pit are launching.

Often I find companies presenting at these conferences actually use them to “announce” their products and call it a launch even though the products are not yet available and sometimes won’t be for six to nine months.

Product Success Deck Card 42Anyone following this blog will know that I believe “It’s not a launch if people can’t buy it.”

In contrast, Apple is holding a press conference tomorrow at the same time.  I think it would a pretty good bet that at least one product Apple announces tomorrow is available within one day if not immediately.

One very encouraging sign that there might be some good announcements (if not actual launches) at the LAUNCH Festival comes from the conference FAQs page.  One question reads “How significant does my product need to be for the 2.0 competition?”  The answer is encouraging (if companies heed the advice):

It has to be a feature or product that GigaOm, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Mashable, and ReadWriteWeb all want to cover. It has to be so new that Robert Scoble, Om Malik, Dave McClure, Chris Sacca and Michael Arrington say, “That’s f-ing cool!” when they see it on stage.

Think to yourself, “Self, is this really killer and impressive?” Are Robert Scoble, Shervin Pishevar, Kevin Rose, Chris Dixon or Dave Morin going to tweet: “This rocks!”?

If the attending companies stick to this criteria it will be a great conference.