Why I do Pro Bono Work for Silverstone Solutions

Today I am reminded why I do pro bono work for Silverstone Solutions

Years ago I was in Chicago for a business trip and met up with my college friend Michael Schaffer.  That night he told me he had a disease that would probably kill him in the next few years,  I was saddened but didn’t really know what to do or say.

Years later when I began to do work for David Jacobs the founder of Silverstone I learned all about PKD and realized that’s probably what Michael had described.

I looked Michael up online and was relieved to find that he had gotten a transplant and was living happily and healthy.  We reconnected and I told him about the project.

Yesterday, I tweeted about the latest article written about Silverstone and this morning a got a note from Michael.  The transplanted kidney failed and he was again waiting for a kidney.  Michael’s on dialysis but as David has explained to me, while dialysis keeps you alive, the longer you are on it the more your body deteriorates.

Now I know why I do work for Silverstone.  I do it for Michael.