Packaging Counts: Amazon and Moo Get It

For consumer to be satisfied with a product they typically need to happy with every aspect of dealing with product including learning about, purchasing and using that product.

Just consider: Haven’t we all complained at one time or another how hard a particular product was to get out of its packaging?  Or, if you have ever purchased an Apple product, have you kept the box for a few days just because the box itself was so well made and beautiful?

Packing is a key element when selling technology to consumers.  Hopefully the product is well designed enough that it does not frustrate the consumer.  The packaging absolutely should not frustrate them even before they have put the product to use.

The New York Times recently ran an article about Amazon’s efforts to encourage “Frustration-Free” packaging.  Its worth a read.  The article states:

Duracell, which offers a 28-pack in a frustration-free version on Amazon, had “been getting rave reviews from consumers about the packs on Amazon…”

For an example of a company that understands the important role of packing, check out how packages the business cards they sell.  They understand the issue so much they even wrote a FAQ about their packing.

The company says the following which would be a good lesson for anyone working on any kind of a product:

Packaging is a bit like the icing on the cake, or a happy ending to a good story.