Mobilize 09: Spend 12 Hours, Get a Great Mobile Education

mobilize_logoNext Thursday (September 10th)  I’ll be blogging from GigaOM’s Mobilize 09 conference and watching to see how well the mobile industry is looking out for the entire consumer experience–and not just how good a product they can put out.  Check back here for my observations.

Better yet, click here and sign up to attend (at a 15% discount).  I’ve attended the conference (as well as other GigaOM events) in past years and can heartily recommend them.  Om packs a lot into a single 12 hour day!  It’s a great conference to get up to speed with the state of the industry right now as well as what the next six to nine months hold.

Also, unlike some conferences held in the bowels of a some giant hotel (with generic chandeliers, carpets, halls, etc. that we are all too familiar with), the venue: The Mission Bay Conference Center is beautiful and full of sunlight.  It was designed by award-winning architect Ricardo Legoretta.