“Less is More” is helping Yahoo Compete with Google

y3In his New York Time article, “Where Yahoo Leaves Google in the Dust,” Randall Stross shows how Yahoo’s embrace of the “Less is More” philosophy is helping it compete with Google.

The article says:

James Pitaro, vice president of Yahoo’s audience group, said, “In our research with users, we found that the more information that was displayed on the page, the greater the anxiety.”

He said Yahoo deliberately adopted what he calls “the Apple model — simplicity in design; a clean, simple look, not overburdening our users with too much information on the page.”

Google seems to pay no heed to such psychology. Google Finance, which was introduced in 2006 and shed its “beta” label earlier this year, hews to its original strategy: offer the best data and charts. And when that doesn’t work, offer still more data and charts.