Guest Blogger: A Commitmemt to Great Customer Service

A commitment to great customer service means more then a short hold time–and its one of the biggest keys to creating a great product experience.

Louise Baker, a guest blogger interested in creating more links to her site approached me about writing a blog post so I asked her to discuss companies that impressed her with their approach to customer service.

Here are her thoughts:

5 companies that are committed to good customer service

5: Southwest Airlines

If you’ve ever ridden a Southwest plane, you’ve probably seen firsthand the kind of exceptional customer service their passengers enjoy. Southwest Airline flight attendants are lively, happy people recruited foremost for attitude and enthusiasm, who will just as soon tell a joke or sing a song as bring you your complimentary peanuts (still free in Southwest – unlike the rest of the industry which has started charging for them). They’re also dedicated to keeping your trip as inexpensive as possible, forgoing the usual fees for carry-on luggage in addition to offering some of the lowest flight prices in the industry.

4: HyperFit USA

Hyperfit USA is a fitness center in Ann Arbor, MI with a dedication to keeping its customers satisfied and well-connected to the service they’re paying for. Upon joining the center, new members can fill out forms detailing their health and fitness goals – forms that can be accessed by any of the experts on staff for a personalized, customized workout regime. The gym also believes in staying connected with its clients, offering email services and automated reminders after extended absences. If a customer doesn’t show up for three weeks, they’ll receive an email alert or a personal call from someone at the center willing to give a pep talk. HyperFit believes in keeping you not only healthy, but happy.

3: SimplySoles

SimplySoles operates on an old-fashioned approach to customer service: personal, genuine customer interaction despite the barrier of the internet. At SimplySoles, you can call their customer service number and reach the founder directly. After your order, you’ll receive a personalized, handwritten thank-you note with your name and order referenced directly. It’s little touches like these that keep customers that keep them coming back to SimplySoles.

2: Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has an impressive boast: they taste every product before they sell it. With premier quality and a dedication to serving every person who walks through its doors, over 50% of customers report their satisfaction with Trader Joe’s products, price, and customer satisfaction.


Established in 1999, Zappos has made a name for itself in not only quality products and afforable prices, but in outstanding customer service. Their warehouses are open 24/7 and they offer free shipping and returns. Shoes can be ordered any time, day or night, and still make next-day delivery. Zappos official policy encourages customers to call about anything, and their call center takes thousands of calls a day. Zappos is the place to shop if you want the security of knowing there are real people propelling the site, people who care.

Louise Baker writes about online degrees for Zen College Life. She has recently also wrote about the best schools online.