For Consumers, Less is More: Jitterbug Gets That!

JitterbugLogoLargeThe Jitterbug is a cell phone that is often describe as “the phone for Seniors”–the company behind it likes to say it’s for “any generation” or “for Boomers and beyond.”  Either way, this company gets it when it comes to consumers.  Especially in the “less is more” category.

The headline on its newspaper advertisement reads, “It doesn’t play music, take pictures or surf the WhiteGraphiteJLargesmInternet.”  Bravo!   This company understands that for many consumers more features means more complexity, a harder to use product and in the end more frustration.

The company also understands that less is more when it comes to consumer choice.  You can get the phone in White or Graphite.  That’s the only product decision.  No need to choose memory size, feature sets, carriers, etc.  Pick the color and your done.  Again, fewer decisions means fewer frustrations.

While many tech-savvy consumers are racing to smart phones there is a whole world of non-tech savvy consumers (young and old) who are being dragged into the technological world that has emerged over the past few years.  These consumers should be given technologies that add to their lives but do not cause frustration.

The Jitterbug is meeting this need (and in the process its been getting praised by the industry and the press for its feature set and ease of use. Recognitions include the 2009 Wireless-Life Sciences and Triple Tree I Award for “Best Consumer Experience” and very positive comments in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and the Washington Post.)

It would be nice to see the philosophy behind the Jitterbug phone applied to more products–either by the folks behind Jitterbug or by other companies.

(Disclosure: In the past, I have done some advising for the PR agency working with Jitterbug)