Farm Dinners: Why Aren’t More Organizations Doing These?

This is not my typical blog post (because it’s not about consumer technology)  but I thought some of you might enjoy it anyhow.

I’m not what most people (especially my brother who is in the gourmet food business) would call a foodie so its surprising that last night I found myself at a high-end food fundraiser and that I was impressed enough to write about it.

The event I went to was a Plate & Pitchfork dinner where the organization pairs a Portland, OR gourmet chef with a local high-end farm and put on a 5-star dinner out in the farm’s fields.

The dinner is preceded by a talk from the farmer and the chef about their food philosophies and then a tour of farm.  This particular dinner took place on Viridan farm where they grow a huge number of edible flowers.  I was amazed as we walked the rows and grazed the flowers.  Later we got an entire salad made of edible flowers.

The dinner for 150 was amazing, the setting beautiful, and the service steller–all the more amazing every time we looked around and realized we were out in a farm field.

There seemed to be a HUGE amount of work that goes into these dinners so all the more amazing that the organization behind it puts on about 20 a year.

All the funds raised go to various organizations that do food education–reminding youth (and the rest) that there is more then processed or factory farmed food out there and why its important to eat it and support it.

I’d heard about these kinds of events before and researched San Francisco area events–but all that I could find seem to instantly sell out… even at $150-$200/person.

If you can find a farm dinner in your area, you should try to attend or volunteer.

If you’re a social entrepreneur looking for a project with built-in demand, check out these events, the world needs more farm dinners.