Don’t Wait for Jobs’ Autobiography, Get Inside His Head Now

home_coverAccording to Valleywag, Steve Jobs is writing an autobiography. Who knows if this is accurate and even if it is, who knows when it will be released.

If you care about the issues I have been writing and consulting about, my recommendation is not to wait for the autobiography but to go out today and get a copy of  Leander Kahney‘s book, Inside Steve’s Brain. I have been plowing through this book and getting amazing insight into what Apple does to remain successful.

The book has been getting good reviews but I am baffaled why it is not getting more attention.  Maybe thats because it wasn’t pulled from the shelf like iCon.

Kahney’s Wired article on the birth of the iPod inspired some of ideas in my Apple Launch article.

If you have read it, I would love to hear your thoughts on the book and any insights you gained.