This deck of cards contains 50 principles for the development and launching of great consumer technology products.

As consumer technology products entered everyone’s lives over the past decade, The Digital Life Consulting Group set out to understand what made some consumer tech products succeed and others fail.

Also intriguing was why some companies could charge $500 for a clock radio (and have delighted customers) while others struggled if their product was priced even a few dollars above a competitor.

While some people have pointed to brand recognition, brand positioning or brand value as the main answers, we observed that during the past decade, one of the strongest and most loved brands, Sony, has struggled while a company left for dead 10 years ago,

Apple, has risen to the top.

What did companies like Apple, Bose and Amazon (with its Kindle) do right and what did companies that fell from grace miss?

We discovered 50 best practices that helped companies succeed or caused products to fail. Often, the most successful products followed almost all of these best practices. Frequently, these products were the premium priced products.

The Digital Life Consulting Group’s Product Success Deck contains these best practices along with some sample exercises to help companies be more successful.


Dice News ( published a nice article and interview with Josh about the card deck a few weeks back. Check out the article or watch the video below.