Placebase had developed a pay-per-transaction mapping system called PushPin LE with basic functionality similar to Google Maps and advanced functions in-line with the most advanced mapping platforms.  The company’s challenge was to compete against the free Google Maps with a paid product and to reach Web developers and others who did not traditionally see themselves as map users.

Through positioning and messaging workshops run by Digital Life Group, a story was developed that focused on commercial users needs and the shortcomings of Google Maps.  A PR campaign was then designed and executed which resulted in positioning Placebase as the commercial alternative to Google Maps.

The company was so successful in attracting attention that is was acquired (published reports say) by Apple.



Truveo was one of the first companies to tackle the technically challenging field of universal video search.  They were so successful they were quickly sold to AOL.  By the time video search had become a hot area, they were deep within the AOL being used behind the scenes to power AOL Video search.Truveo and AOL jointly realized that Truveo could still be a valuable brand.  While Truveo finalized a stand-alone site, Josh Weinberg created a launch plan which built the Truveo service and the Truveo brand back to leaders in video search.  Walt Mossberg and Katie Boehret’s Wall Street Journal column said “Truveo takes a refreshing look at video search…” and “It stands apart from other search engines in looks and functionality.”

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