BudFits: A Simple Solution–When Simple is Called For

1-budfits-clear-1_hrOne of my key rules for great product launches is “Strive for the Simple Not the Complex.”  BudFits, a new product from Innovelis designed to keep iPod and iPhone earbuds from falling out, has achieved this.

BudFits are simple flexiable molded plastic pieces which grab onto Apple ear bud headphones and then loop around the ear to hold them secure.  They could have been engineered to be much more complex (e.g. rotating parts, various sizes, non-right/left interchangeable, etc.)  But they were not.  They are simple when simple is called for.

In addition, Innovelis has done a number of other things right:

Packaging: The BudFits come in that plastic clamshell packagaing that nowadays makes us reach for our scissors in fear of the opening processes–BUT!  The package actually opens simply and easily without knife or scissors.

Name: BudFits.  Could you want a more descriptive, simple or memorable name?  Why can’t all companies follow their lead?

Price: Under $9.  In an era when even the simplest iPod and iPhone related items seem to be $14.95, $29.95 or $49.95, $8.99 is refreshing.

Performance: So far they seem to payoff of their promise.

Simple is not always easy to achive but its important to strive for.  BudFits is a good example of a company that has achived simple.