Since 1989 Josh Weinberg has helped companies introduce successful technology products to the consumer marketplace, drawing on his extensive professional launch, product advising and public relations experience as well as his deep technical knowledge.

Using insights from his long perspective as both an industry insider and as a discerning user of new technologies, Josh knows how to communicate the big ideas and benefits of a new product to its intended audience. He is an expert at translating the bits, bytes and technical jargon of new technology products into language and concepts that resonate with mainstream consumers and experienced users alike.

During his career, Josh has successfully launched a wide range of products for clients and technologies ranging from toys for Intel to cell phones and the PlayStation 3 for Sony.

Josh’s experience includes two years at Homestead Technologies where he successfully launched the company’s photo sharing product, PhotoSite, into a market already dominated by Ofoto, Shutterfly, and Snapfish.

During his tenure at Intel, Josh introduced and promoted Intel’s efforts to persuade toy makers to build PC-connected toys. He went on to lead the announcement of the company’s partnership with Mattel and then launched the joint venture’s first product, a toy microscope that introduced PCs to new set of users. The launch generated worldwide coverage and accomplished Intel’s business objective of getting toy companies to design PC-connected toys.

While at Technology Solutions Inc., Josh launched Sony’s entry into the PC market and the first products in the VAIO PC line.

At Switzer Communications (now Ruder Finn) Josh ran the Handspring PR team during the launch of the Visor Edge.

More recently, Josh launched, the widely acclaimed video search engine; PushPin, Placebase’s dynamic online mapping product; QiGO, the Internet experience key introduced at Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher’s D5 conference; and PairUp the social networking service for travelers that won the DEMOgod award at the DEMO conference.


Josh has also helped to launch a number of digital imaging, wireless, and consumer products such as LivePix photo editing software, Scanview drum scanners, Agfa imagesetters, AirMedia’s wireless Internet receiver, WinStar’s phone network, Homestead’s website building tools, Digital Cable Radio’s music over cable TV service, and Zatso’s personalized video newscast.

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