A founder who gets it

pic_jakesigalI’ve been at CES for the past few days looking for companies that know how to turn a technology into a great consumer product–and what they did to accomplish that.

One of the companies I found today seems to be on the right track.  Myine Electonics has created an Internet Radio “Designed for the Non tech Savvy.”  Jake Sigal, the founder (who also invented the USB turntable for ION Audio) has a very strong philosophy about how a consumer product should be created and how a consumer company should run.

When I asked about support he let me know “There is a giant 800 number printed on the box.”  He has all employees in his company answering questions.

Jake seems to believe that you can create products that don’t need manuals but still understands they make people comfortable so he includes only quick start guides.

His advice for others who want to create great consumer products is that you can’t do it based on research but you need to “listen, listen, listen” to your customers.

Most important of all, Mynie has embraced the idea that less is more when it comes to consumer technology.  In fact, one of the company’s slogans is “Get Less.”

Keep your eye on Mynie, its products and Jake and I’m sure we’ll see more things done right.