50 Secrets for Successful Consumer Technology Products Revealed

Our New Product Success Deck Offers 50 Principles for a Better Launch, More Successful Product, and Happier Customers

I’m happy to let you know that today we announced the publication of our Product Success Deck. The card deck teaches any company–startup or established–how to turn technologies into great consumer products.

As consumer technology products entered everyone’s lives over the past decade, we set out to understand what made some consumer tech products succeed and others fail. The card deck contains the best practices discovered along with sample exercises to help companies create more successful products and launches.

We observed during the past decade, one of the strongest and most loved brands, Sony, has struggled while a company left for dead 10 years ago, Apple, has risen to the top. In addition, companies like Bose can charge $500 for a clock radio (and have delighted customers) while others struggle if their product is priced even a few dollars above a competitor.  We found that successful consumer technology products depend on far more then a great product. The entire customer experience is critical. These cards teach companies what they need to do to create these great experiences.

Starting today, The playing-card sized deck is available from Amazon for $29.95 or in bulk directly from us.

More information about the cards is available at digitalLifegroup.com/deck.

Click here to download a copy of the press release.