Helping Companies Develop, Market and Promote Products That Create Passion and Excitement

I’m Josh Weinberg, founder of Digital Life Group, and I have helped consumer electronics and consumer technology companies launch and promote products since 1989.

I am passionate about consumer technology products and gadgets – what I call Digital Life products.

When I get a new product I tear into it and then get consumed by it for hours or even days. Finally, I spend the rest of the week raving about it or complaining bitterly.  It’s not always obvious which products will do well in my rip-open analysis.  Some of my favorite products are some of the most mundane–a power strip, a mouse, etc.  Some of the hated products have issues as simple as a customer support line that closes at 5 p.m. Eastern—that’s the middle of the afternoon for those of us here in California.

As technology has entered everyone’s lives strong personal opinions about technology—and everything around the technology–have become a more common occurrence.  Just look at the trend of posting “unboxing” videos online.

What makes the great products great and how did other companies miss the mark?  What is it beyond the core product itself that can inspire passion (or derision) from consumers?

I created Digital Life Group to study and analyze these questions and help companies develop and market products that create passion and excitement.

I advise established and startup companies on marketing, messaging, branding, customer experience, market intelligence and competitive response–and I call it like I see it. So, if we work together don’t expect me just to be a cheerleader.  I’ll tell you where I see problems, but will also work with you to figure out solutions.